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A N.E.W. U

A Nutrition, Exercise & Wellness Program from the comfort of your own home!


This program is designed to focus on your mind AND body while learning how to harness a healthy mindset that can be easily translated into every day wellness! 

Who was this program designed for?

  • Someone who is looking to make a change and live a healthier life

  • Someone who doesn't know where to start or what to do... whether it's what to eat and why, or what exercises to do

  • Someone who is ready to commit to self-care and gaining a healthy mindset and feeling empowered on their journey

This program is designed for anyone who may be experiencing anxiety about making  a change... Maybe getting to a gym or grocery shopping is overwhelming... Maybe you have no idea what to eat or why you're choosing the foods you're choosing... Regardless of your "why"... I'm here to help you find it!

A N.E.W. U is available in 3 different options:


One time session - approximately 1 hour

This includes a comprehensive one on one assessment and

consultation.  We will meet and discuss current situation, lifestyle

and habits and put some healthy, sustainable goals in to place.


Two week program

- This includes the comprehensive assessment, as well as

an overall nutrition review, a guide on food preparation and

portioning, accountability check-in calls (once per week).


Twelve week program

- This includes the comprehensive assessment, nutrition review

and preparation and portioning guide, exercise program(s),

accountability check-in calls (once per week).


Monthly package

- Once you have reached your goals and are confident in moving forward, we can move in to "maintenance mode".  In "maintenance mode", we will focus on accountability check-in calls (once per week) to ensure you are using all of the tools and guides provided and continuing to make progress.


Ready to find A N.E.W. U? Contact us for pricing information and availability!

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