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March 2020:  Covid-19 Update - Your health is still our top priority!

March 2020:  Shift & Embrace

April 2020:  Covid-19 Update - Stay Positive!

April 2020:  Fast Weight Loss... and why we don't do it!

April 2020:  We Are Still Here!

May 2020:  10 Tips to Get (and Stay) Motivated to Eat Healthy

May 2020:  Are You Ready?

May 2020:  Strong, Lean & Fit (New Program Launch!)

June 2020:  Covid-19 Update - Phase 2!

June 2020:  Covid-19 Update - We're BACK!

July 2020:  Covid-19 Update - Phase 3!

August 2020:  Here we grow again! 

August 2020:  Happy Monday!

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