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Shelley Gaudet

Shelley Gaudet has a great love of fitness, healthy eating and active play.  She has been a part of athletic teams since she was young and currently plays ball hockey in a women’s league in Brantford.  Although she is an elementary teacher and a busy mother of two teens, Shelley has found time in the past few years to continue with her love of fitness.  She is helping at Keep N Fit in small group classes to help the clients become the best version of themselves.   She is certified as a Drum Fit instructor and as a Sergeant Ken’s boot camp leader.  She loves working alongside Mary Dinner at Keep N Fit, helping clients meet their fitness goals through extra Drop In Classes.



Hi my name is Tabitha..I am a Tabata instructor. I love lifting weights and feeling strong. Great stress reliever. I have a passion for helping  people reach there fitness goals whatever they are! 


Lindsay is a full time Office Coordinator for a children's mental health agency and when she isn't at her main job or at the gym, she is providing all administrative support for KeepnFit. She is an eager go getter who has a new found love for healthy living but especially for lifting! Lindsay is an outgoing, optimistic girl who will always do whatever she can to help out those around her including encouraging KeepnFit clients!

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