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Read what these satisfied clients have to say about their experience!


I have had the pleasure of Mary as a personal trainer for the past 6 months.  She is absolutely amazing.  Words cannot express how much I enjoy having her as a trainer.  She is very knowledgeable about everything related to fitness and nutrition.  She is there 24/7 for everything you need, for questions about diet, to whether or not you should have a rest day, or whether to complete 30 or 45 minutes of cardio at night.  No question goes unanswered, and if she doesn’t immediately have a response, she will get one for you.


With your work-outs, Mary works hard with you every step of the way.  Every workout is different and challenges you to complete more reps and/or lift heavier.  During a work-out session, you might do circuits one time, super-sets the next, cardio HIITS, or a mixture of a number of different training methods.  She is constantly searching for new ideas and exercises to help you meet your goals. You always feel confident that you are in good hands with Mary and that your goals are her goals.  You know that if you listen to her and work hard you will succeed.


When you achieve triumphs, no matter how small, Mary is right there cheering you on.  When you experience setbacks or reach a plateau, she is also right by your side, encouraging you to keep going.  Mary is more than just a trainer on the clock, she truly cares about you and she becomes not only your trainer but your friend.


I would highly recommend Mary to anyone looking to lose weight, improve their fitness level, or to compete in a show.  She walks the walk, and talks the talk…and I am truly thankful to have her in my life.


"Training with Mary has been fantastic! I look forward to each session with her. She is a great motivator and really cares about wanting to help me get into a healthier lifestyle! I can't wait to see my transformation, with all of her eating and fitness tips." 


"6 inches gone for good in 12 sessions with Mary! She pushes and motivates me like no one has before! She genuinely cares about my health and it shows every time we meet! She's a great PT."


"When I decided it was time to make some changes in my life, I was an under active and overweight smoker; I contacted Mary about participating in her running clinic.  Because of a chronic lower back injury I have difficulty running however, she welcomed me to the group and made modifications so that I could join in.  Mary is an enthusiastic trainer and is excellent at pushing you to do just a little bit more…..she has many suggestions on how to make small changes that will have a large impact.  She encouraged me to quit smoking but did so without preaching about it…… which I appreciated….I knew I wanted to quit but needed to do so on my own terms.  I participated in boot camp / circuit training classes as well – there is lots of variety to the workouts so it keeps them fresh and never boring.


I began one-on-one training with Mary in September.  It was critical to me that I work with someone that had dealt with chronic injury before and would be able to alter exercises to prevent further injury.  Mary has been fantastic about modifying exercises so that I can continue to work out.  Mary is always ready with advice and guidance on many aspects of healthy living – cooking options and tips, supplement choices, etc.  With her encouragement and lots of sweat and hard work on my part – I have lost 35 lbs so far since I contacted her in the spring.  I am now planning ahead, eating and cooking healthy meals, and being active.  Although I continue to suffer lower back pain, it is far less often – my pain medication intake has dropped substantially also now that I am working out regularly.  I am proud of the success that I have shown so far and know that my accomplishment is in great part due to Mary’s encouragement and support!  I am looking forward to continuing to achieve my goals with her help!  Thank you!!



"After having a baby earlier this year, Mary's really helped me to get my body back! I thought I would never get back into my pre-baby jeans again. But, with her help, I can now proudly say that they FIT!"


"I'm really enjoying the group training at KeepNFit! I love being motivated by others while working towards a common goal, it makes the hour fly by! I've met lots of great people and have always been treated with respect and kindness. I recommend this place to anyone looking for some positive motivation!"


"I started working with Mary at the end of April 2015. Before seeing Mary I was working out 5/6 days a week and not much was changing, I was not happy with my weight or the way I was feeling. Once I started working with Mary I quickly realized that my diet needed to change to really see results. Mary guided me and supported me through this. Mary is always there when you need her, if your struggling or just have a question. Mary helped me become a more confident person.  With Mary's help I was able to lose over 35lbs. I am now a much stronger person physically and mentally. Mary continues to support me in my goals both in fitness and in my life. Thank you Mary for everything that you have done for me and everything you continue to do! "

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